Exercise Video DVD

Perhaps you live in a rural area, miles and miles from the nearest gym.  Perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for a monthly gym membership.  Maybe you are just extremely shy and cannot bring yourself to exercise in front of other people.  There is no reason your health and physical well-being should suffer.  All you need to do is invest in a few fitness videos.

Fitness videos come in every workout imaginable, from aerobics to yoga and hosted by every celebrity imaginable; from Richard Simmons to Gene Simmons (the lead singer of KISS launched his own “sexercise” video in 2006).  Whatever you are looking for, you can find it on video, DVD, and some are even available digitally through iTunes and other digital outlets.

Finding the right fitness video for you may require doing a bit of research.  You’ll first want to narrow it down to what kind of exercise you want to do, and then find out which video will best meet your needs.  The great thing about fitness videos is that you can do them anywhere, anytime, even when the gym is closed.  They’re small enough to travel with you, and most hotels have video players in the room.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a fitness video is at what level the exercises are. Some videos may be a better buy than others if they show you a more advanced routine – something you can grow into – while also providing you with ways to modify the exercises for beginning and intermediate workouts.  Fitness videos that offer these multiple levels of experience allow you to gradually work your way up to a more advanced routine without having to continually invest in new material.

If you are hesitate about buying a fitness video, consider going to your local library and checking one out for free or even renting one from your local video rental shop (although video rentals being what they are these days, it might be cheaper to buy a used one).  After trying out the fitness video, you will be able to determine whether or not you like it enough to buy it.  If you find that it will be a beneficial addition to your fitness plan, then you can buy your own copy.

If this is the route you are going to choose then I would suggest you build a “library” gradually over time of different workouts. This will help to keep you on the right track as you will not become easily bored doing the same routine day after day. This does not have to be ab expensive venture. Check online for used copies.  Half.com and amazon.com both offer used fitness videos, some as low as seventy-five cents plus shipping.