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Muscle Definition

Achieving muscle definition is a personal matter as this is dependent on the individual.  For some, muscle definition is  having bulging biceps and triceps and for others, muscle definition may simply mean firm, toned muscles with sexy definition.

The first place to start in attaining muscle definition is by assessing and addressing your emotional, mental, and physical health.  Making changes to the way you eat, the way you handle stress – even your level of physical fitness are all extremely important areas you must address.  Increasing the amount of protein, particularly protein from fish that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, will make attaining muscle definition that much easier.

Once you’ve developed your goals for both your physical and mental health start exercising regularly.  Improve your endurance.  Build an exercise regimen that includes aerobic exercise, weight training, and yoga and/or Pilates. Focus first on your core muscles – your abdominal wall.

Working with weights and weight lifting doesn’t mean building body-builder muscles.  By using just a little weight and a lot of repetition, you will build definition in the muscle you have without making your muscles big or manly looking.  As you begin to see the changes in your body from your better diet and your increased activity, you’ll see where you want muscle definition.  For some women over 40, having well-defined arms instead of sagging triceps allow you to still wear sleeveless dresses and blouses.  For others, firm, well-defined calves and thighs make wearing dresses and shorter skirts more alluring.  Still others want shoulders, neck, and even facial muscles to have better definition.

There are exercises for every muscle group; sticking your tongue out repetitively helps tighten your neck and prevent the appearance of a double chin.  Lifting weights or soup cans can tighten your arm muscles and keep them looking toned in summer.  The biggest advantage to focusing on achieving muscle definition, however, is the added health benefit of increased metabolism.  When you build and define muscle, you are also improving your calorie burning ability, increasing your bone density, and improving the health of your joints and ligaments.

As with any exercise, consult with your physician before you begin to lift weights.  Make sure that you have no hidden health conditions that would cause complications.  Focus on the muscle groups that make you happy – don’t try to compare yourself to anyone else or try to live up to some media-enhanced expectation in a magazine.  Just be the best YOU that you can be.

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