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Healthy Cooking

While there may be some monumental changes you are trying to make in your life to improve your health and fitness, something you can do that requires very little effort at all is to focus on healthy cooking.  Healthy cooking does not have to be difficult or expensive.  In fact, there are some relatively simple changes you can make to your everyday cooking habits that will make them healthier.

The first thing you should do to introduce healthy cooking to your kitchen is buy a very nice, big bottle of extra virgin olive oil.  Cooking in olive oil not only improves the flavor of the foods – everything from eggs to chicken – but it also provides you with a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids instead of partially hydrogenated, heart-stopping fat.  Cooking in olive oil is a heart healthy cooking choice.

The second thing you should do to  introduce healthy cooking to your kitchen is to ditch the salt.  Salt seems to be the seasoning of choice, because it’s easy, uncomplicated, and always there.  It also has a bad habit of giving you high blood pressure.  To cook flavorful foods without relying as much on salt, either grow or buy herbs.  You can grow herbs in your kitchen window with very little effort.  When you are cooking chicken, add some rosemary, thyme and garlic instead of salt.  The flavor will be amazing.  When you do use salt, make sure you choose an iodized sea salt, and use it sparingly.

Another healthy cooking change you can make is to stop frying everything.  Steam your vegetables, bake your meat, broil your fish.  Don’t assume that everything tastes best breaded and dropped in the deep fryer.  Experiment with different flavors and cooking techniques.

Wherever possible, switch from processed white flour products to whole grain products.  You can buy whole grain spaghetti and macaroni, bread and dinner rolls for not much more than you would spend for the bleached white flour versions.  Whole grains contribute to overall better health; white flour products add fat to your belly and empty calories to your plate.

Finally, switch to fat free milk.  If you drink whole milk or 2% milk, you may want to transition slowly to fat free milk.  If you have a child under the age of two, you should keep whole milk in the house for them; the fat content is whole milk is beneficial to their developing brains.  After age two, however, fat free milk provides the same calcium and vitamin D without the unnecessary fat and calories.

Try making a few changes at a time until they become habits.  Soon you will realize that healthy cooking is easy.  It is something you can do without making major changes in your lifestyle.